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Identifying Effective Policing Strategies for Reducing Crime

Written by: Edmund F. McGarrell, Natalie Kroovand Hipple, John M. Klofas, Nicholas A. Corsaro, Heather Perez | Posted: Aug 1, 2008

Natalie Kroovand Hipple, Edmund F. McGarrell, John M. Klofas, Nicholas A. Corsaro, Heather Perez

Amazing Ideas

Written by: S.T. Karnick | Posted: Feb 28, 2007

Sam Karnick, National Review Online

Ele:Vating Urban Youth for Economic Health

Written by: Amy L. Sherman | Posted: Feb 26, 2007

Amy Sherman

Beyond Charity

Written by: Don Eberly | Posted: Dec 1, 2006

Don Eberly

Being There: Faith on the Frontlines

Written by: Sagamore Institute, Amy L. Sherman | Posted: Oct 17, 2006

Amy Sherman

The Future of Civil Society

Written by: Don Eberly | Posted: Jun 21, 2006

Don Eberly

Potholes in the Private Sector

Written by: Carole Kariuki | Posted: Apr 18, 2006

Carole Kariuki


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