“You know, the highest honor an Indiana governor gives is called the Sagamore of the Wabash….[It’s] given for wisdom, and public commitment, and a concern for the well-being of others. So, I’d say that Sagamore chose its name well, and is living up to it every day.” - Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Since 2004, Sagamore Institute has formed an expert network of fellows providing independent and innovative research and analysis to public and private sector leaders. We believe that public policy belongs to everyone – not just to those inside Washington’s beltway of Washington, D.C. and that citizens are at the center of problem solving.

“Our main value proposition is moving ideas to action. We do not ask who is for or against certain reforms. We ask how we are going to fix society’s most stubborn problems and sustain our most promising solutions.” - Jay F. Hein, Founding President, Sagamore Institute

Ideas matter. They can improve the human condition and alter the course of history. As a conventional think tank, ideas are our business. And because we know one size does not fit all in addressing our most persistent societal challenges, we think not only about what’s possible, but what it actually takes to transform good ideas into action that improves the reality of citizens in communities across America. We combine the power of new thinking with the power of effective action to transform our neighborhoods, communities, and nation one idea at a time.


The Sagamore Society

In order to sustain and grow the Institute’s work, we invite you to be a part of The Sagamore Society. Members of the society connect with us on a meaningful level both through their generosity and also through their kinship with the mission of The Sagamore Institute.

Thank You Gifts

As a way to show our gratitude, the following items are sent to members of The Sagamore Society:

  • An annual complimentary copy of books from The Sagamore Press. These books focus on the most important and emerging ideas from The Institute.
  • Invitations to Sagamore events
  • A subscription to American Outlook Magazine
  • Access to premiere web content, and more.


Creative ways to give... 


Gifts to Scholarships for Educational Choice

As a certified Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) of Indiana’s School Scholarship Tax Credit Program, Scholarships for Education Choice is authorized to offer individuals and businesses state tax credits equal to fifty-percent (50%) of the amount donated in order to secure the funding necessary to award scholarships to income-eligible students attending private schools for grades K-12. Read more about Scholarships for Educational Choice and give to the program.


Monthly Giving

If you have benefited from the work of Sagamore Institute, we invite you to join us by creating an automated monthly donation. While all gifts are important, recurring donations are uniquely helpful for our planning process. It's a simple, yet strategic way to partner with us.


Asset-based Giving Opportunities

Over the history of The Sagamore Institute, a few thoughtful donors have created endowed funds or planned gifts in honor of an individual, or to serve a specific purpose that is important to the donor. The donation can be used completely or invested so that interest from the invested funds provides a gift each year in perpetuity for Sagamore to use according to the donors' wishes, or can be used in its entirety.

Ways to donate asset-based or planned gifts:


- Give Stocks or Securities 

All donations are tax deductible. The gift of highly appreciated stocks are deductible in the full amount of the stock on the day it was given without the donor paying capital gains taxes. To facilitate donations of stocks and securities, Sagamore Institute created a Single Charity Fund with the National Christian Foundation (NCF).  Read more about the advantages of non-cash gifts and see examples.

*To give stocks or securities to Scholarships for Educational Choice please use the forms found here.

Stock and Securities Giving Instructions

In order to efficiently and accurately secure a donor’s tax credit, it is important that they, or their broker, follow these steps:

Step 1: Print and complete the NCF Donation Form

Step 2: Fax the form and supporting documentation to: Attn: Ginny Hahn at 1-888-566-5850

Step 3: Specify whether your gift is for the Sagamore General Fund or Scholarships for Educational Choice

Please be sure to use the correct giving fund name and giving fund number.


- Include Sagamore Institute in your will or estate plan 

A bequest may be for a specific amount or for the residue or any portion of the estate.


- Give a gift of life insurance 

Creating a major gift at a relatively low cost to the donor. A tax receipt is issued for the premiums paid by the donor when The Sagamore Institute is named the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing policy.  Read more about asset-based giving and see examples. 


- Transfer an existing private foundation or charitable trust 

Administrators may find it practical and economical to transfer assets to a named fund within Sagamore, assuring the intent of the fund in perpetuity.


- Set up an annuity, charitable remainder trust or other planned giving instrument 

This can be structured to suit your financial needs and benefit Sagamore Institute. Sagamore Institute's staff or directors can discuss with you the most appropriate vehicle for your situation and interests.


We welcome the opportunity to answer your specific questions at any time, and are pleased to work alongside your family's financial adviser. Please contact Jay Hein, President, for more information.

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