Indiana and the World

Indiana is a global state.

Although a mere look at a map might give the impression that the state is isolated, Indiana is far more than the "Crossroads of America." It is a center of global exchange. 

Indiana’s economy is more dependent on foreign trade and investment than most of its neighbors. Histories of Indiana's growing relationships with both Japan and China (as explained below) show how. Furthermore, since the 1990s the rate of growth of Indiana’s foreign-born population has been among the country’s fastest. Read the section on immigration to read more about the impact of foreign-born workers on Hoosier soil.

And Indiana's growing globalization is contributing to its commitment to foreign aid. As outlined below, Hoosiers from across the state are developing creative ways to help friends in Africa. Such compassionate enterpreneurial spirit has birthed projects like the BUV Ministry and the Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project.

Sagamore’s approach to Indiana's increasing globalization begins by examining the connections between the state and the world, then asks how to increase the number of those connections, how to connect the connections in order to form more robust networks, and how to make the connections smarter and more effective.

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